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A mother's vantage point

He turns five in a couple weeks. He is a cuddler, loves to have big bear hugs and sleep snuggled up close to someone. His red hair and blue eyes positioned behind adorable oval framed glasses make him an instant charmer. He is very tall for his 5 years and all his teachers talk about how much he grew over the summer.


Just glancing at him, he is a typical boy with bruises on his legs from climbing, dirt under his fingernails from digging and a superhero action figure in his hand. He sings along with the music on the radio and has very specific preferences in what music he likes.


However, “typical” is not a word textbooks would use to describe him. Instead, textbooks would likely describe him as autistic. See, this little boy does not make eye contact, he seldom initiates conversation, he mumbles and sings to himself and he can not name any friends.


Well, except for his best friend, his mommy.  That’s right. He tells everyone his best friend is “Mommy.” This makes his mommy’s heart melt every time he says it and recently that has been daily.


Being his mommy is an extremely difficult task. Mommies have dreams for their children, hopes for a better life. This little boy’s mommy has recently realized these dreams will be much more difficult for her little boy to accomplish. While, his mommy still believes he can do great and marvelous things, it pains her to see him struggle daily to try.


Despite these struggles, this little boy is perfect in his mommy’s eyes. I know because he’s my little boy.