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The Sad Season

Oh, I’m so glad to see the sun today. There’s nothing more depressing to me than to be surrounded by snow AND dark, gloomy skies. I think I must have a touch of that seasonal affectiveness disorder. December is a very hard month for me to get through. It feels as though a heavy gray curtain falls down over everything, and that makes it difficult for me to be hopeful and optimistic. It’s hard to imagine spring will ever come again on those days when you can’t see the sun and the sky is just a slash of gloom overhead. Somehow that makes the weather feel even colder. At least when the sun is out, you can convince yourself you’re warm and you can imagine the sun back hard at work, warming the earth and your own body and making everything start growing again.


Days like these make it tough for me to get out and do things. I just want to hibernate like the bears: Wake me when it’s all over. The dark days are like a real physical burden on my shoulders, weighing me down and negating my natural optimism. On the other hand, sunny days energize me. It feels almost like sacrilege not to go outside when the sun is shining and the air is blowing softly and warmly. Knowing how precious these days are, it’s like denying a special gift if you opt to stay inside on a lovely warm day.


Just thinking about the inevitability of spring’s arrival makes me feel much better. I look forward to long days out back on my patio, reading the stack of magazines I’ve amassed over the months – I just don’t feel like reading them inside. (Note to self: Start looking for a chair cushion or chaise lounge.) I look forward to long walks listening to my Shuffle and my new digital FM radio gadget and singing right out loud. I look forward to the lengthening of the days and the heat of summer – the time when I wonder how it can ever be cold and dark again when everything is warm and light.


I’m ready to start the countdown to spring, to segue out of the sad season and into the real season bright. Join me!