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Usually my day starts with a greeting from my computer stating: “Some errors occurred while processing the requested tasks.  The connection to the server has failed”.


I take this personally since I am 73 years of age, hate all things technical and am never quite certain which power surge connection has failed…….mine,  or the server’s.


Barriers to my technical prowess are: I am a private person who has a dislike for mechanical and technical processes that invade my privacy.  I also fear identity theft virtually and literally.


So, to blog or not to blog, that is my question.  As Mary Meehan of Bluegrass, who provided the opportunity to explore blogging, assured me, “Don’t despair.  We all need to learn new things”


When I sheepishly shared  I did not know what my avatar was nor could I scan , would it be possible for my daughter or  grandchildren in Australia to help me with that?  She replied, “Yes, that’s why it is called the world wide web.


Later, a new friend offered to help me learn to navigate the technical terrain.


In thinking about the ubiquitous progression of communication from pictures drawn on cave walls, to smoke signals, pigeons, printing press, telegraph, typewriter, computer and cyberspace, whether reaching out through touch or technology, I must remind myself and other older adults ,that we may never push the envelope of technology—but, we can , at least, open it.


Learning and opening e-mailing and skyping keep me in touch with my grandchildren.

Life-long learning in both technical and non-technical areas requires exploring new concepts brought about by change and my curiosity.


For me, my passion for high-quality pre-k education for ALL children through Generations United’s Seniors4Kids and others necessitate my using multi media resources-including blogging.


As Kentucky Coordinator of Seniors4Kids (50+ in age), who are advocates for expanding and improving pre-k education in Kentucky, I invite you to join me and others by blog to learn and show our computers (and ourselves) that our connection to the server and world will not fail.



Nana Bluegrass