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My True Loves Gave to Me...

In light of the 986 times our children sang the “12 Days of Christmas” song (which eventually drove my husband to the brink of insanity), I thought I would calculate the numerous reasons why I posted ZERO times on the Bluegrass Moms Blog during our Holiday break!


On the past few weeks of Snow Days and Christmas Break, my true loves gave to me:


Infinity: the concept our kiddos constantly spew about in regards to how many times they said something, did something, thought something, etc.

Infinity and Beyond: the number of times the children would watch their new Toy Story 3 DVD if we let them

Countless buckeyes and other Christmas treats baked and eaten

650 children served by the St. Leo Christmas Store

360: the degrees that the kids’ new Rip Rider Bike’s wheels spin around even while holding a rider named “Mom, you’re too big!”

340 days or so until Tran Siberian Orchestra returns to Lexington so we can rock it out again with fake wigs and tall boots and a babysitter at home with kids

12 dozen reindeer and sugar cookies decorated by little hands and lots of sprinkles

211 miles to my childhood home in Tennessee

34 bars of varied homemade organic goat’s milk & olive oil soap from Dove’s Landing Farm given as gifts

29 days of Elf on the Shelf reporting our every move to Santa and dangling from strange hiding places throughout our house

24 days of Advent calendar openings and chocolates savored

19 super bouncy balls from a boy’s treasured collection let loose in the basement

18 or so children at a cousin’s Birthday party with cupcakes that had 4 inch tall, delectable icing

17 pairs of shoes strewn about our house at one time which prodded me to just let go and remember that every once in a while it’s okay to take a big ‘ol break from everything – even cleaning!

16 people I was thankful to have in one place making efforts and finding joy and peace

12 knitted hats created with our newly acquired “Knifty Knitter” talent and tools prompted by my son’s “Make a Difference Club”, which knitted 106 hats for the needy

12 sentimental ornaments given by my Dad with a special childhood story included and many tears to accompany

10 stamps and ink pads to make homemade Christmas paper

7 cousins under age 8 at the “kids table” with shiny gold placemats

6 packages of mushrooms for mushroom casserole, which cleaned the store out of mushrooms (sorry, fellow shoppers)

5 layers of shirts/jackets we wore outside in the snow and then hurled onto the floor as we cuddled with blankets and hot chocolate

4 ft. taller is how big our snow fort would have needed to be in order to cover us completely

4 tickets to the Globetrotters that Santa gave to a wide-eyed, basketball playing boy

4 different cities to celebrate Christmas with family

4:40 am: what time the children woke on Christmas morning and big brother tried to lull back to sleep with “soft, sweet music” and stories…while Mom and Dad evidently were nestled snug in their bed

3 littles sleeping in sleeping bags at their traditional slumber party on Christmas Eve

3 r ocks in the washing machine that stone washed our laundry even though it’s out of style now (thanks to my daughter’s affinity for collecting rocks in her pockets)

3 out of 5 people in our family attending physical therapy twice weekly

3 snow days from school

3 cancelled school Christmas parties and 3 sad faces that resulted

3 dozen muffins for a school Christmas party that were eaten by us instead

3 cans of silly string to celebrate New Year’s

2 parents I love dearly and appreciate more each day

2 vans full of items donated to St. Leo Christmas Store

2 families brought together for a much-needed Christmas meal, and who inspired me to emulate

2 brussel sprout eyes and 2 badminton racket arms for our snowman named Clark Frosty, whose snow brother from last winter was named Pablo

1 hoola hoop for Clark Frosty because it’s boring to stand still all the time even if you are a snowman

1 sincere question from our middle son to Clark Frosty that made my heart melt: “Okay, Frosty, when are you gonna start talking to me?”

1 in 5 chance our friend’s teenage son has of surviving metastasized Ewing Sarcoma (bone cancer) in his pelvis and lungs

Every single morning and night: how often we pray for our friend with cancer, and how often we pray for our special prayer pal

1 broken hot water heater valve repaired by a plumber

1 broken heating unit igniter repaired by a technician

1 newly installed dishwasher

1 repair of frozen pipes due to our neglect to remove the hose from the faucet last year

1 reworking of pipes under our kitchen sink

1 depleted bank account

1 shot of dark rum in the warm, apple cider

1 early-rising, totally naked child attempting to make smoothies for breakfast

1 surprised parent finding aforementioned child and having a great laugh

1 Santa who visited our church Christmas Eve to pray in front of the manger and at the feet of Christ

1 White Christmas

1 youngest child asking if we could go look in a barn on the side of the road because “everyone keeps talkin’ about Jesus being in a barn, so I figured we might as well go look for him.”

1 Happy Birthday to Jesus song exalted on Christmas Day in the most beautiful of ways by 3 sleepy-headed children not consumed by consumerism

0 items broken in IPottery while we painted special Christmas gifts and I celebrated a small victory in regards to my gamble with unlikely odds

0 pictures of all 3 of our children with Santa since my youngest is still entirely freaked out by his presence (not presents)


0: number of times I posted on the blog over Christmas break due to all these other numbers


And…1 New Year’s Resolution: to post more frequently and consistently on the blog!


Catch you on the blog in 2011!