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It's in the cards

I have a handheld solitaire game that I really enjoy playing. It has both Klondike, the regular type of solitaire where you turn over three cards and move through the deck multiple times, and Vegas, where you turn over one card at a time and only go through the deck once. I’ve played these games thousands of times – I never get tired of it. You’d think I have learned all the tricks and nuances of the game after all these years. But it’s always when you think you know it all that you learn something new.


I was playing with it the other day and had begun a new game. The seven cards dealt out to the row were all hearts and diamonds (these cards are white since it is not a full-color game). There was not a spade or a club to be seen. I stared down at the game and thought, “Well, I can’t do anything. I need those black cards.”


The import of that simple observation hit me right between the eyes. Without the other cards, I couldn’t play the game. I couldn’t make any moves or have any fun or even have a chance at winning unless I got the other cards.


What a great analogy for life. We can’t do a thing without each other. We can’t make any moves or have any fun or even have a chance at winning without each other – black, white, male, female, gay, straight, tall, short. Without one another, we stagnate. Without one another, the game is over before it even begins. We need you to be in your right place so the next person can make their move and we can start building the stacks and putting everything in order and finally place the last card on top of the pile and then give each other high fives.


For all of us on this planet we call earth, life is not a game of solitaire. We are too dependent on one another for the survival of us all, and it’s about time we start acting like it.