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Consider Montoya crossed off Newman's Christmas card list

RICHMOND, Va. – Juan Pablo Montoya and Ryan Newman don't like each other.

At least that's how it looked Saturday night at Richmond International Raceway, where Newman had a strong car early and nudged the pole-sitting Montoya into the wall 108 laps into the race.

Montoya retaliated 130 laps later by spinning Newman into the wall in turn 3.

Newman later made contact with Kurt Busch while trying to get his car turned around, but his anger on his radio was directed toward Montoya, with whom he has something of a history.

Just two weeks ago at Talladega, they made contact with 17 laps to go.

They also had a dustup at Homestead in Miami in 2006.

"I can't believe they're not going to black flag that 42 car," Newman fumed on his radio after crashing, adding later that he was intending to "take care of it after the race."

NASCAR did warn Montoya to stay away from Newman following the second contact.

After the race, Montoya pulled his car to his hauler, jumped out and was walking toward the exit when Newman pulled in and swerved at him. Montoya then got in a golf cart and sped out of the track, while Newman marched to the NASCAR hauler and waited for officials to arrive.

He emerged after about a half hour.

"Just really disappointed in the way everything played out," he said while walking back to his hauler.

"I was obviously crashed, unintentionally the first time and intentionally the second time. ... He crashed himself basically.

"I don't know if he didn't know he wasn't clear or what, if he thought it was me on purpose, but the message was delivered that it wasn't intentional.

"Either way, he ruined our day at that point, and then he finished our day off."

Newman said he doesn't think talking to Montoya would be a good idea right away.

"I'd say right now probably wouldn't be a good time for either of us to talk," he said.

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