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Letting Go

Nick is leaving for the summer today.  The whole summer.  I have been reluctantly anticipating this moment for several months.  While I am immensely proud of my son, my heart will break just a bit the instant his car pulls out of sight.

Nick is participating in an internship that requires him to work six days a week and twelve hours a day ... in North Carolina.  Frankly, I thought this summer schedule seemed a bit rigorous, but he wants to do it.  He chose this opportunity for himself.  How did we get to this point so fast, though? 

Just yesterday he was forcing his way into the world a month early.  Blink.  He’s meandering through the garden in a diaper (that never stayed on long) while foraging for sticks.  Blink.  Chicken pox (a glorious week at home together in the pre-vaccination era).  Blink.  He’s learning the backstroke and humming with every pull.  Blink.  Mastery of long division.  Blink.  Tearfully and tenderly eulogizing his older brother as Nick now becomes the eldest son.  Blink.  Running track.  Blink.  Shaving.  Blink.  Driving.  Blink.  Elected State Auditor at Boys State.  Blink.  First job.  Blink.  Number One wrestler in his weight class city-wide.  Blink.  High School graduation.  Blink.  First year of college finished (admirably done too).  Blink.  Gone to North Carolina.  Gulp.

It’s time to send him into his future.  I’ve spent nineteen years preparing him for this journey, and he’s ready for the adventure!  There’s just one little, teeny, tiny glitch ... no one prepared me to let go easily.  So please send your good thoughts our way, but mostly send your prayers for my child as he takes that first step onto his yellow brick road.