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What to Expect When You're Expecting...Your Second!

So, my wife and I are happily, anxiously, nervously expecting our second child in August. Our daughter is five now, and so it is almost like we are about to be new parents again; having been totally out of the diaper phase, bottle phase and all the demands of caring for a helpless infant, for several years.


Additionally, our house is in disarray. We moved all the toys out of the playroom to repaint and carpet for the nursery. This of course creates a domino effect. A bonus room downstairs will now be the playroom. Once called "The Gray Room" because of it's ugly gray carpet and undistinctive character, it has pretty much served as a junk room. Well, all the junk is now displaced. Ha. Needless to say I had a lot of stuff on the curb the garbage day after I cleaned it out. And of course it will also need paint and probably new carpet.


And then there is the need for new furniture. Luckily, my wife's childhood furtniture, which is in very good shape, will be given to my daughter, whose  current furniture will be baby's. So, once the painting is done and the carpet is in, we will begin transferring the furniture.


Every project is contingent on the preceding one and it is getting a bit stressful as August quickly approaches.  A new car seat and stroller sit in their boxes in the garage. Lying on it's side is a dusty diaper genie, which I doubt will make an emergence onto the scene this time around; and the old Target changing table is ready to be reassembled. This weekend, my wife scored a great deal on a brand new box of diapers. Here we go!


Am I ready? Well, good question. I'm not sure. The good thing is, my sister has a one year old, so at least some of my family members are still in the know on infant care and can refresh us. Also, we have a five year old who seems to know more than we do most of the time, at least according to her, and so she should be a help.


I'm trying to remember those first months of waking up, of irregular sleep, but I think my mind's defense mechanism has blocked these moments out. All I remember is that first night home from the hospital, and we sat watching Alex Tribek, unable to understand anything he said. Our minds just could not interpret the words we heard.


So, this shall be quite interesting. To add to the excitement of a new baby, our daughter begins kindergarten. So, we will have a baby, ship our girl off to a brand new phase in her life and hope to live through all of it in about one week's time! Or maybe the little baby will surprise us early and give us a little time between the two major life events.


But I think these upcoming months and years will be golden. A five year old and a new born. Just think, fifteen years from now it might be another, perhaps less invigorating event...A twenty year old and teenager of fifteen!