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NASCAR alters officials' post-race duties

DOVER, Del. – In the wake of last weekend's post-race pit-road run-in between Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch, NASCAR has altered its policy of when its race officials leave the area.

"Typically when the checkered flag falls and the race has ended, pit road officials go on to their post-race assignments. One of things we have implemented in all three national series this week and moving forward is officials will not leave their assigned pit box until all cars are behind pit road and in the garage area," said NASCAR spokesperson Kristi King.

Asked if the change was made to ensure a NASCAR presence in the case of future post-race incidents, King agreed.

"We've been asked if this change would have prevented (what happened last week), and we can't say it would or it wouldn't have," King said. "You don't know what would have happened if someone was down there.

"In an effort to make sure that we at least have a presence there we are going to make sure (the officials) remain there until all the cars have left."

After the race at Darlington, both drivers stopped on pit road. Harvick climbed from his car first, ran toward the driver’s window of Busch’s car and threw at least one punch.

At same moment, Busch hit his accelerator and his No. 18 Toyota lurched forward, knocking Harvick’s No. 29 Chevrolet out of the way and into the pit road retaining wall. There were no NASCAR officials in the area when the incident took place.

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