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Kentucky Sensibility

I recently dined out at a fabulous restaurant that shall remain nameless.  I will not utter the name of the place for fear you will go a knockin’, which is exactly what the owner would like you to do.  Normally I’d proclaim the virtues of this dining abode far and wide but I’m taking the unprecedented measure of silence so that a celebrity, the likes of whom I have never run into before, can eat in peace should he choose to return to this hideaway.

I had just taken a bite of my sandwich when a gentleman made his way past me.  Actually he bumped into the table just a wee bit, enough to force my eyes upward.  His face was out of context in this place so I was stabbed with a moment of confusion, but his chin was one I could pick out of a chin lineup, since I’m a sucker for the cleft variety.  Let me give you a few hints and see if you can deduce who I saw:

·        Born November 19, 1938 in Cincinnati, Ohio

·        Environmentalist

·        Philanthropist

·        Chair of the United Nations Foundation

·        Founder of the Goodwill Games

·        Creator of the animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers

·        Won 1977 America’s Cup in his yacht Courageous

·        Former owner of the Atlanta Braves and the Hawks

·        Founder of CNN and WTBS

·        Has popularized Bison

·        Refers to Jane Fonda as “the best wife I ever had.”

Surely you have guessed by now that I laid my eyes on Ted Turner.  Up close.  And what did I do?  Run after him with a napkin to autograph?  No.  Pull out my phone for a picture?  No.

I left him alone.  He deserves his privacy.  He is entitled to share a meal with his family without interruption.   As best I could tell, everyone in the place respected him enough to let him be.  It’s not that we don’t love the man.  He has overcome tragedy, achieved greatness, and suffered the price of success in this life more than most of us have in several of our incarnations.  Mr. Turner has created deep wakes and miles of ripples.  He is to be commended, but I shall do it here, and not at his dinner table.