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May I remind you ... ?

May I remind you that the month is half over – the month when the weather is supposed to be warming up – and I still have my space heaters going and I’m still wearing my heavy winter coat PLUS a sweatshirt underneath?


May I remind you that this is the time of year when trees should be blooming instead of bracing themselves for more cold weather, and birds should be singing instead of shivering?


May I remind you that in just a few weeks’ time it will be the vernal equinox and the official start of summer? May I remind you that these intervening weeks should serve as a time of preparation for the heat to come – a time of teasing breezes wafting warmth across the world with promises of the wonders to come? May I remind you that this is when our flowers are preparing to pop up, ready to shine, and they are instead receiving a rude and cold awakening?


May I remind you that I so look forward to hanging up my winter coat and unplugging my electric blankets and putting away my sweats, exchanging them for T-shirts and shorts and light jackets?


May I remind you that one of my favorite things to do is sit on my patio out back in the sunshine, reading magazines from the stack I’ve amassed over the winter?


May I remind you how much I love to see a bright blue sky overhead with just a smattering of clouds? May I remind you that I know rain is necessary and what we get now will help prevent a drought in the full-blown summertime, and I also like a cool gentle rain now and again, but sometimes enough is enough is enough?


May I remind you how I love to take long walks on warm days, enjoying the sunshine and getting the exercise I neglected during the winter?


May I remind you that I get in a really bad mood when it’s supposed to be warm and instead it’s freezing in the month that’s supposed to be balmy?


May I urge you to get your act together soon!