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Big Daddy's Day

Father's Day is this Sunday and is a holiday that I have only celebrated since my children were born. My parents divorced when I was a toddler and like many of us, I did not grow-up with a father in my life. I was, however, so lucky to have an amazing mother, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. So, I did not want for love or attention. Did they fill the void of a father's presence? Probably not, but I honestly didn't really notice it until I experienced what a good father my husband is to my children.

Some of my "Facebook friends" are posting pictures of their fathers and grandfathers in honor of Father's Day. A few years ago, I would have posted a picture of my mother and made some sort of snarky comment about not needing a father. (And, if any of my friends do that I will definitely "like" it just like I have all my friends who have posted endearing pics of their fathers) However, since seeing my children interact with my husband, I have realized what a sacred and important relationship this is.

My husband was always "hands-on" and I honestly don't understand women like the "Real Housewives" who brag that their husband or partner never changed a diaper. REALLY!? My husband changed countless diapers, cleaned-up vomit, and wiped runny noses- all the fun joys of parenting. Although his work commitments sometimes take precedence, he has attended numerous recitals and school plays. He puts my daughter's hair in a ponytail before golf matches because he worries she'll be too hot. He spends hours critiquing my son's stop-action Lego movies and offering tips on improving them. He works long and hard hours to provide for his children, he worries about them and disciplines them and celebrates them and loves them.

Lest you think that we think hold him on too high of a pedestal, the kids would like me to point out that he snores so loudly my son once thought there must certainly be a monster in the house and that he recently actually GOT OUT OF THE CAR while picking-up my daughter from a school dance.

Although I regret to admit it, he is also usually the calm after the storm and the comic relief needed when I am having a stressed-out mommy moment. It's at these times that I appreciate him the most and wonder how my mother did it without having a partner to tag-team the parenting.

So I am happy to celebrate my husband and his special relationship with our children. The cards from the kids are ready and his favorite dessert – Key Lime Pie- is waiting in the freezer. If he isn't working, we'll send him out for a day of golf and then fire-up his new grill at dinnertime. He deserves all that and so much more.

To "Big Daddy" and all the other wonderfully average and exceptional fathers who do the best they can with what they have to offer, I wish you a very Happy Father's Day. To those of us who grew-up "fatherless" I encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the folks that were there for you, especially the single moms, whom I am convinced have a special place reserved in heaven. And hey, I'm going to take a little credit for myself; after all, I'm the one who picked him.