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"I Am On Vacation"

We all need vacations. Vacations from the daily grind, from school, from work, from lists and duties. Often we travel to get the full effect of leaving life behind and entering into another realm. Perhaps the slow lane at the beach. Perhaps an adventure in a new land. Sometimes we just turn off the computer and sit in our chair in the yard beside the children running under sprinklers for a “staycation”.

This week I learned from my middle daughter that a vacation can even be a sweet rest from mom’s seemingly ridiculous rules.

Today was day three of our family vacation and it was a winner. Today’s locale: Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, Virginia. It was so good, and the tickets so pricey to get in, that we could have made our own American Express ad. The weather was balmy and we never broke a sweat. The lines were short or nonexistent. The park was beautiful and that is saying A LOT coming from one who dreads theme parks. Most importantly, the family time was splendid, the sisterly love unprecedented, the smiles endless and the memories worth every cent it took to make them.

At the end of our full day, we dragged our tired feet home to our time-share apartment to rest up for day four: more colonial history. After putting a few loads of laundry in, bedding down our youngest on the pull-out and sending my oldest into the hall to conduct her cell phone conversation I popped in to see what our middle one was up to behind her closed bedroom door.

I must admit with free access to cable in each room I have to keep an eye on things. The two older ones can sneak in a bit of prohibited screen time when I am too busy to notice.

Not to my surprise she was getting a screen time fix, but thankfully not on the too-many-channels-to-be-any-good cable TV. Tonight she lay propped up in bed, squeaky clean hair dampening her pillow, ear buds in, Klondike Bar poised in one hand and iTouch in the other watching an episode of Cake Boss.

“What are you doing?” I asked as my mother-mind reflexively noted the broken rules: lights on rather than out, wide-awake instead of asleep, food in the bedroom and iTouch watching without asking permission.

“I am on vacation!” She beemed without a shred on remorse on her sweet face. Indeed, she smiled back at me as I walked backwards closing the door behind me, a combination of jealousy and mirth flirting in my momma heart.

On vacation indeed!

I couldn’t have put it better.