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'A little noise' is good, Penske notes

Roger Penske credited the recent upswing of his two-car NASCAR organization to operating under a one-team philosophy. But, he doesn't exactly discredit the notion that Kurt Busch's tirade in May had an effect.

"Sometimes you need a vibration, a little noise in the house," Penske said before Saturday night's race at Daytona.

"I don't think there's one silver bullet that you can point to as the fix, but conversation is always good and Kurt endorsed the plans that came from those conversations."

Busch was terribly unhappy with the performance of the No. 22 team through March and April, and it boiled over at a race in Richmond in an expletive-laden rant on his in-car radio. Behind the scenes changes were made after that race, and both Busch and Brad Keselowski have turned it up since.

Busch won three straight poles and last week's road course race in Sonoma, and he's fourth in the Sprint Cup standings. Keselowski won the pole at Charlotte, the race at Kansas and was 10th at Sonoma to move up to 22nd in the standings. He has 10 races to move himself into contention for the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship.

"I think Brad has been able to show some speed, and Kurt appreciates that," Penske said. "Both drivers are highly motivated, which is a good thing, and people don't realize that Kurt wants to be the fastest car on every lap of every race, just like his brother. That's not a bad thing."

The trick, Penske said, is for the organization not to get complacent just because it's running better.

"We can't get too far ahead of ourselves," Penske said. "There's a lot of time left. Brad has the win, and that's certainly very important and that's certainly put him in position to make the Chase. But we've got to look at this one week at a time."