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Should Independence Day be Celebrated in House of Worship?

The question was posed … In a house of worship, what is the appropriate way to observe the Fourth of July? Some congregations incorporate the holiday into their services, some hold special services, and others do not observe it at all. Are people of faith particularly called to celebrate the founding of the United States or particularly called not to? Does the American flag and patriotic music belong inside places of worship?


First … I believe that the “house of worship” could be anywhere … a home, an office, a park, a gold course … even traditional church buildings which some think is the ONLY house of worship. Worship has many forms, and is simply a coming toward God. Again; this can be ANYWHERE.


Second … as believers we are, in some respects, dual citizens. Our citizenship is in heaven. We are called to be “ambassadors” in this present world, wherever we are placed by God. The Scriptures call for us to obey the government and its authorities … and unless the government directs us to do something that is opposed to God’s instructions we are called to obey the government. We must be VERY careful in playing this trump card … as there are cases where we THINK a law of man is contrary to an instruction from God … but there is MUCH misunderstanding about God’s Word as taught by organized religion. We must study to show ourselves as workmen approved … and this does not mean listening to a preacher and buying his teachings hook, line and sinker. There are MANY different churches and brands of religion, and they disagree on many points (which is why there are so many). This should show us that there is confusion and disagreement about what God’s Word teaches.


Truth has never been in the hands of organized religion … not in the day of the Old Testament Prophets, not in Jesus’ day, and not in the day of the apostles. Paul reports that nearly all had turned against him near the end of his ministry. The organized church is in apostasy; and we must be faithful ambassadors of God’s Word … so it is left to us to study and think for ourselves, instead of listening to any teacher or preacher. The Deceiver has buried his tentacles deep within organized religion, as he has in every age.


So as we study the Word and think for ourselves, we must judge if the instructions of God are truly contrary to the laws of man. And if there is no disagreement, we are free to post a flag, celebrate the 4th, and honor our nation in any way we please, wherever our “house of worship” may be.