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Altogether I've parented seven children. The oldest was born twenty-seven years ago and the youngest is ten. Four of my brood are boys and were birthed by moi. Three are girls; two of whom are stepdaughters I was blessed to help raise, and one is actually a sister (34 years my junior) that my late father left to me upon his death. My oldest son died in 2003, so I know a bit about loss. My stepdaughters have grown into beautiful women. So that leaves me with four at home now: a son who is in his first year at UK; my half-Thai, half-American sister/daughter who will graduate from high school this year; a preteen in his first year of middle school; and the youngest cub who will graduate from elementary school. Those are the facts of my life with children. What is missing from that description is what an utterly amazing, rich, awakening it is to bring those children up. That is what I will share with you, in part, during this blogging adventure. I am a lawyer by trade, and have a satisfying career. I am one of the lucky ones who still loves what she does nearly twenty five years out of law school. I work with wonderful professionals and each day is interesting. Apart from whose mom I am or what I do, I have some interests I'd love to explore with you. Food. Family. Health. And most importantly, the joy of living.