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Boston Bound -- A Dream Realized

We all have dreams. We imagine an idea. Some of us bring those dreams to fruition.

At the age of 40, Carol Russell was told by her doctor that she had early osteoporosis and osteopenia. To improve these conditions, she must do weight bearing exercise on a regular basis. Carol began running three miles, four or five times each week.

Seven years later, Carol ran her first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon, in Washington, D.C. with her son, Gabriel. Soon after, she began to dream that she would one day run the Boston Marathon.

In the years that followed her first marathon, Carol continued running. She ran 7 to 8 miles on Monday and Wednesday, 5 to 6 miles on Friday and 10 miles on Saturday with her running group, The Chevy Chasers. Tuesdays and Thursdays were reserved for cross training at the YMCA, and Sunday was observed as a day of rest.

Carol endured injuries along the way. She suffered a torn ankle ligament which put her in a plaster cast for nearly two months. It took a lot of physical therapy to get her up and running again. Another injury called Iliotibial Band Syndrome caused severe knee pain. Again, she was sidelined for several months. After recuperating and learning to stretch her IT band properly, Carol resumed running.

Carol went on to run the Marine Corp again, as well as the Chicago and Kiawah Marathons. Her success in the Kiawah Marathon earned her qualification for the Boston Marathon. And so now seventeen years after she ran her first step, and ten years after finishing her first marathon, she will realize her dream and run the Boston.

Most dreams are attained through sweat, persistent thought, energy, and time. They must be nurtured because they are not born in the time it takes to cultivate a Chia pet. Along the way setbacks and disappointments threaten to defeat our goals. Remain steadfast, because our dreams are born of constancy and fierce devotion to an ideal.

Join me in applauding my friend who has taken over 32 million steps; run nearly 20,000 miles; braved the cold, snow, heat, and rain; and restored her injured body to run the race of her dreams. An unexpected heat wave will bring temperatures close to 90 tomorrow, so send your prayers and cool thoughts to Carol as she lines up and begins her run at 10:40 a.m. tomorrow. Godspeed, Honey!