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Going the distance for grandparents

Grandparents Week is Sept. 8-15. For families that are fortunate in living close to their grandchildren and grandparents, distance is not a problem.

For others like our family, our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, have been gone from the United States for almost 19 years. They have gone the distance every year to come back to see us. We have only been able to visit them a few times.

However, geography can not really separate generations who care and make the effort to stay in touch.

And neither can adversity.

Staying in touch according to The Annie E. Casey KIDS COUNT Policy Report, includes millions of American families who have stepped up to care for the children in their extended families.

In Kentucky, 63,000 children are in public and private kinship care. Six hundred and thirty-two children are in state supervised kinship foster care. Statistics vary as do the circumstances. When parents are not able to care for their children, drug abuse is the most prevalent problem with divorce, death, illness and economic difficulties being some others.

In all of these circumstances, some biological grandparents are going the distance for the second time in their lives.

Grandparenting takes many forms: surrogate, foster, kinship care, adoption, faith based and state supported.

Whatever your family situation, Generations United Seniors4Kids’ national campaign DO SOMETHING GRAND for Grandparents Day Sept. 9 and Week: Sept.8-15 is asking you to honor and recognize those people who have been grandparents in your life by going a short distance to Generations United and click on for the best way for YOU to thank and support them.

After all, going the distance is a two-way journey.