12 apps for planning the perfect summer party

FoodFaves will let you find the perfect restaurant with one-tap access to directions.
FoodFaves will let you find the perfect restaurant with one-tap access to directions. FoodFaves

Summer is fast approaching, and that means pool parties to plan, cocktails to mix and music to manage. It’s the perfect time to entertain, but with kids out of school, vacations in the works and crazy schedules to accommodate, how can you pull off the perfect party?

Here are 12 apps to make summer entertaining a snap.

Pro Party Planner (iTunes, $4.99): This app offers A-to-Z planning. It can even export and import your contacts from other apps and programs such as Eventbrite and Google Docs. You can also set yourself reminders.

Fete (iTunes, free): This guest list management app can handle many tasks, from enabling guests to vote on a party date to serving as a platform for guests to share information.

ShareMySpace (Google Play and iTunes, free): Plug in what kind of space and location you want — from rooftop to stadium, backyard to barn — and the app will give you options. It evens lists the ability to find a treehouse venue.

How To Cook Everything (iTunes, $9.99): Not only will this app provide up to 2,000 recipes from New York Times columnist Mark Bittman, you’ll receive temperature and measurement conversions, an option to keep your screen from dimming while cooking (iPad only), and illustrations and cooking techniques to help execute the perfect party menu.

Mixologist (iTunes, 99 cents): Who needs a live bartender? This app is equipped with thousands of drink recipes and ingredient lists, including nonalcoholic options.

Dark Sky Weather (iTunes and Google Play, $3.99): It’s worth the cost to know whether your hiking party or outdoor wedding will be a sunny affair or a rain catastrophe.

Spotify (iTunes and Google Play, free): Put together a music playlist at the touch of your fingers.

Yummi (iTunes and Google Play, free): The app enables users to streamline their “foodprints” and eliminate having to copy and paste them into every social media channel. Snapshots are available to pull up at your next party to share or sample.

FoodFaves (iTunes, free): The app will let you find the perfect restaurant options as well as one-tap access to how far away your favorite eats are and directions to the establishment.

Party Disco Dance Strobe Light (iTunes, free): Liven up any summer night with a strobe light.

Reverse Charades (iTunes, free): This app gives hilarious prompts like “corn dog” and “webbed feet” in which team members work together to perform for the opposing team to decipher.

Phrase Party (iTunes, $1.99): Pick a phrase from a popular era, music genre or any number of fun categories in which words (barring “the word”) and gestures are used to help guests determine what phrase is at play. Each partygoer passes the phone around until the term is discovered or time runs out.