Humane Society pets waiting for new homes

The Lexington Humane Society and the Herald-Leader are highlighting pets for adoption. See the gallery of photos here. If you want more information about a pet, contact the Lexington Humane Society at or 859.233.0044.

Consider some humane society adoption facts:

  • Nearly 5,000 animals enter LHS each year, all looking for loving homes. Many are already trained, well-behaved animals in need of a new home.
  • Promoting adoption can help end pet homelessness. Less than 30 percent of animals entering into homes nationally come from shelters. The only way to change this trend is to have more people understand the value of adoption.
  • Animals adopted from LHS are a great value. They have already been altered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Such services would cost hundreds of dollars if purchased elsewhere.
  • We receive a wide variety of breeds, types of animals (pocket pets, birds, goals, pigs, sometimes even horses). It is estimated that 25% of animals entering into shelters are pure-bred.
  • You will be adopting love. Pets are known for providing unconditional love.