OK, officially it begins March 20, but some recent weather in Central Kentucky has been very springlike, causing forsythia and daffodils to bloom, grass to grow and the birds to sing.

Most mornings now you can hear the birds welcome the day. And you can see them hopping around the backyard, playing in the birdbath and digging in the moist ground for worms.

We welcome spring and salute birds of all types with this illustration by Herald-Leader artist Chris Ware.

Scroll down to see the list of items to find. It's best to view on a tablet or desktop. Smart phone users can download the pdf below to see the full image.


Download a PDF

See if you can find:

1. 3 penguins

2. a catbird

3. 2 ladybugs

4. 2 burrowing owls

5. 2 turtles

6. a chipmunk

7. 3 garden gnomes

8. a lightning bug

9. a garden snail

10. a woodpecker with a power drill

11. a squirrel

12. a humming hummingbird

13. a pair of lovebirds

14. a roadrunner

15. 2 bats

16. 6 cardinals (Go Cats!)

17. a dung beetle

18. Bonus: what bird species is a known tool-user (and its not the woodpecker with the power drill)?


Illustrations by Chris Ware | Herald-leader staff