Fru-Gal: Yes, you can get something for nothing. Here’s how.

Free Zumba class are offered on Mondays and Thursdays at Broadway Baptist Church, 2500 Harrodsburg Road. This file photo was taken at a Zumba class in Allentown, Pa.
Free Zumba class are offered on Mondays and Thursdays at Broadway Baptist Church, 2500 Harrodsburg Road. This file photo was taken at a Zumba class in Allentown, Pa. MCT

Looking for something for free? You’re in the right spot.

The following is a list of some great deals that can save you money throughout the year.

Who says nothing in life is free?

1. Free magazines: offers lots of free magazines in print and digitally. You don’t have to charge the cost to a credit card number. Just apply with your address.

2. Free radon testing kits: The Fayette County Health Department has them available on the second floor of the main health department. Free health classes — diabetes management, smoking cessation, nutrition — are offered, too. The health department is at 650 Newtown Pike. Call 859-288-2446.

3. Free admission to National Parks: Somenational parks charge entry fees, and some don’t. But each year, there are free admission days to all national parks. You can check out the schedule at

4. Free credit reports: They can affect your insurance rates, your interest rates on loans, and your ability to land a job or an apartment, so its important to make sure they are accurate. You can get free reports from all three credit bureaus every year at

5. Free job search assistance: If you need help with your job search, join the Fayette County Extension office’s Job Club. The free group is designed to provide a positive environment for motivated job seekers to meet, connect, share and learn. It meets from 9 to 10:15 a.m. on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at the Extension office, 1140 Harry Sykes Way. Call 859-257-5582.

6. Free household trash disposal: Fayette County residents can dispose of non-hazardous household waste four times a year for free at the Bluegrass Regional Transfer Station on Old Frankfort Pike. The free days are in January, April, July and October. These events usually happen on the third Saturday of the month. Call LexCall at 311 or 425-2255.

7. Free prescription drugs: Meijer pharmacy offers free prenatal vitamins, free antibiotics, free metformin and free atorvastatin calcium. Always ask you pharmacist about the retail price of your prescription. It might be cheaper to pay that price. For example: The diabetes medication Metformin costs about $4 for a month’s supply, while the average copay is $11.

8. Free photos: Sign up for Shutterfly and get 50 free 4-by-6 prints, one free magnet and one free set of address labels.

9. Free food: On Aug. 11, load a digital coupon to your Kroger store card for a free Kind single bar. Redeem by Aug. 27.

10. Free baby supplies: Fill out a form to get a free Enfagrow Toddler Next Step sample. You need to have a toddler a year old or older to qualify. Go to the Enfamil website. Also, through Aug. 13 or while supplies last, request a free two-pack of Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads from You will need to pay shipping and handling charges of $2.99.

11. Free exercise: Zumba class are offered free from 6 to 7 p.m. Mondays and 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursdays at Broadway Baptist Church, 2500 Harrodsburg Road. Maranda Brooks is the teacher. Donations are welcome.

12. Free pet safety stickers: Stickers from the ASPCA can let emergency personnel know you have pets in your home. Check the organization’s website.

13. Free assistance for starting a small business: Lexington Score offers free mentoring for small business owners just starting out, currently in business or getting ready to sell or retire. Get free, confidential business advice from expert advisors committed to helping you succeed. Lexington Score is located at 389 Waller Avenue, Suite 130. For more information, call 859-231-9902 or email

14. Free books: Your public library is one of our greatest free resources for books and magazines. Also, you can download digital copies of thousands of books at or the University of Pennsylvania online books page. Some books are also are available for free through and

15. Free dog or cat food: At Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog and Cat food website get a free Rachael Ray Nutrish Indoor Complete Dry Cat Food sample, while supplies last. Allow eight to 10 weeks for delivery.

16. Free kids events: From 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, participating ToysRUs stores will host a Pokemon Trade & Collect Event. While supplies last, kids ages 6 and older — and adult collectors — will receive a free Stufful foil card and a Pokemon TCG collector’s album, and can participate in a Pokemon coloring activity. Go to

17. Free water testing: Whirlpool Water Solutions has free hard-water test strips. To order yours, fill out the form with shipping information. Go to

18. Free samples: Get a free Depend disposable underwear sample. Go to

19. Free music: You can listen to as much free music as you like — with advertisements, of course — with Pandora and Spotify apps.

20. Free credit card perks: If you have a credit card, look at your cardholder agreement to ensure that you’re getting the most value out of your card. Many cards offer rental car insurance coverage, extended warranties on purchases made with the card, and other valuable offers. If your card doesn’t offer these things, you might want to comparison-shop other credit cards.

21. Free oil and battery recycling: If you change your oil, you know it can be a hassle to dispose of the oil you’ve drained from your car. Advance Auto Parts makes it easy. And free. It will take your used battery as well.

22. Free financial tools: Want to track your net worth plan for your retirement and analyze your portfolio? Visit the Personal Capital website which has the tools to let you do that. As it says on the website, “Our free financial tools make it easy to manage your entire financial life in one place.”

23. Free Fru-Gal advice: Now is the time to purchase school supplies. And here are some deals you can get now.

Staples deals through Aug. 12: Buy five notebooks, one subject, 70 sheets, for 10 cents (regularly $1.49; limit five); buy five two-pocket colon cancer folders for 10 cents (regularly 25 cents; limit 5); buy one Staples 12-pack of No. 2 pencils for 50 cents (regularly $1.79); buy two Staples slider pencil cases for 50 cents (regularly $2.29; limit 5); buy three Staples stickies page flags, 125 pack for 50 cents (reg. $3.29); buy two 12-packs of Staples No. 2 mechanical pencils for 50 cents (regularly $2.79; limit 5). For $5, you can get 18 items that are a $30.52 value.

Office Depot deals through Aug. 12: Buy one printed blade scissors for $1 (regularly $5); buy three Office Depot brand two-hole pencil sharpeners for 25¢ (regularly $1); buy one Office Depot brand low-odor dry-erase marker for $1 (regularly $5.49); buy two Dixon Ticonderoga Woodcase pencils for $1 (regularly $3.99); buy three Office Depot brand two-pocket paper folders for one cent (regularly 15 cents); buy three Office Depot brand composition books for one cent each (regularly 75cents). For the final cost of $4.81, you can get 13 items, a $24.17 value.

Note: Some of the penny items state that you need a $5 minimum purchase first. When I tested this, you just need it to be $5 before any discounts. My final total was less than $5, and I was able to get the penny items.

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