Simply beautiful

It's a brave girl who will let herself be photographed without makeup. Yet three already beautiful teenagers (and members of the Herald-Leader Teen Board) agreed to give their faces a good scrub at 7 a.m. and show up ready to face the cameras.

Then makeup artist Leigh-Ann Mims went to work, using mainly MAC cosmetics to softly sculpt a look that whispered ”barely there but better.“

It was fresh faces all around. Which is exactly what spring requires. Gone is the uneven skin tone of winter. Gone, too, the dry skin, the tired eyes and the lackluster lips.

The look takes no time and just a little trouble.

Lindsay Barbera

Tates Creek High School, 11th grade

What we used on her: Select tint moisturizer foundation, $25; Blush Baby, $17.50; Layin Low paint pot, $16.50, with Nylon eye shadow, $13.50, in the inner corner, and Mulch eye shadow, $13,50, in the outer corner; Eye Kohl in Teddy, $13.50; Clear Lipglass, $17.50; Pro Long Lash, black, $11.

Rachel Downey

Pikeville High School,10th grade

What we used on her: Mineralized finished foundation, $25; PeachyKeen Sheertone Shimmer Blush, $17.50; Stillife paint, $16.50; eye shadow in Shroom, $14; Eye Kohl in Prunella, $13.50; Prolash mascara, black, $11; Prr Lipglass, $17.50.

Camisha Boyd

Tates Creek High School, 12th grade

What we used on her: MAC Studio Tech, $25; Sheertone Blush in Love Rush, $17.50; Maybelline mascara, black, $4.79; Indian Wood paint pot, $17.50; eye shadow in Shale, $14; Cinnamon Lusterglass, $17.50.


Facing up to warmer weather

■ A warm-toned blush is key to a fresh face. It allows your skin to look healthy, giving it dimension and shine.

■ Use concealer under the eyes, around the nose and on blemishes.

■ If you can correct the big problems with concealer, then you won’t feel the need to cover your whole face in foundation.

■ When you apply foundation, try dabbing an oil-free sheer liquid foundation on the tips of a fluffy brush. Don’t be afraid to dip a pretty full brush into that gooey stuff. The combination is going to be your best friend. By dipping and swirling on, the application is flawless and natural. (And the foundation can be rinsed out of the brush with a little baby shampoo and water.)

■ Never — even if you’re feeling washed out — resort to a dark foundation in summertime. Just reach for some bronzer (CoverGirl Cheekers Bronzer, around $4, is a great affordable choice), evenly applied.

■ The fresh face eye is open and bright. Get that by applying a light-shimmer eye shadow in the inner-corner of the eye to open the eye; a little dark in the crease will give it the depth you’ll crave.

■ Finish it all off with a nude lip shimmer.