Freebies for pets, health, kids

I've received responses from lots of people who are applying for and receiving their free stuff. That's great. I've also heard from a couple of people who said they've tried to get free stuff only to find out the offer isn't good anymore. Some items do have a limited supply available. I try to stay away from them, but sometimes it's not clear that the supply is limited. So I apologize for anyone not getting a free item because supplies ran out. Remember: ”Free“ sometimes means ”as long as supplies last.“

For your pets

■ Free sample of Bio Spot Spot On Flea and Tick Control.

■ Free Pet Safety Kit from the ASPCA.

■ Free Greenies animal products.

■ Free 6-ounce sample of Healthful Life cat food.

■ Receive a coupon for a free can of Mighty Dog food.

Health and fitness

■ Free membership to various gyms, including Urban Fitness and YMCA for Humana/Medicare customers. Visit the gym with your insurance card. Gym staff will tell you if you are eligible. Or go to

■ BuddyCheck 9 Breast Health Kit and Tools, including information on breast cancer health and tools to help you remember your monthly breast self-exam.

■ A free 14-day supply of ­Nature Made Multi Complete Liquid Softgel Vitamins.

■ Free sample of Flixsticks flossing sticks.

■ Lexington Public ­Library offers free downloads of audio books.

Free products

■ Free Makers Mark products. You must be of legal drinking age to apply (registration is required).

■ Free Juicy Juice Sippy Cup.

■ Go to Great Harvest Bread Company stores and sign up to receive e-mail specials and get a free French baguette.

e_SClBFree tastes

Whole Foods has Tasty Tuesday 6-8 p.m. Enjoy samples throughout the store, starting with appetizers, drinks, entrees and desserts.

Rite Aid rebates

I hope you went to Walgreens and tried the great rebate program.

Rite Aid Pharmacy has a similar program. When you go to Rite Aid, pick up a rebate directory at the front of the store. This week, you can get a variety of free products, including Diaper Mate, Herbal Essences shampoo or conditioner, and Quick Snap One-Time-Use cameras.

Buy the product, then go online to, enter your receipt numbers and wait for your rebate.

Rite Aid offers different free products each week.