The Fru-Gal: Clear containers can help organize fridge, save money

The Fru-Gal Deborah Morris
The Fru-Gal Deborah Morris

Summer is here. Everyone has the best intentions to eat better. You go to the farmers markets, get fresh fruit and vegetables, then go home and put them in the refrigerator.

A couple weeks later, you open what you think is a tub of butter only to find a mushy old cucumber or peach. Next, you start cleaning out your refrigerator, throwing away more than you expected. Now, all your healthy food and sale items end up being wasted money in the trash.

Most households throw away about 12 percent of all the food they bring home and 25 percent of the vegetables. The annual tab, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, runs from $1,400 to $2,300 for the average family of four.

If you check my fridge shelves, you will see many repurposed butter or cottage cheese containers being used to store leftovers. To my husband's frustration, he will pull out a container thinking it is butter only to find a mystery inside.

Go out and buy yourself some good clear containers. If you can see what is inside and it looks good, you are more likely to eat it. Use those new containers to focus on fridge organization: group all dairy together, put leftovers in one group and use your fridge and freezer drawers for what they are meant to be used for.

My grandmother was famous for being able to prepare a meal for grandchildren and their friends who showed up unannounced for dinner. I learned to keep a full fridge, freezer and pantry. I don't believe in stockpiling, but I do believe in not paying retail for pantry staples such as ketchup, peanut butter and salad dressing.

This summer, initiate a pantry challenge by feeding your family for a week with only the food on hand.

Don't be afraid of spotty bananas and bruised apples. They are still good. Most of us throw these away instead of using them another way, like in a smoothie. If you have an item and you don't know whether it is still good to eat, check out the Fayette County Extension office website or call (859) 257-5582, and they will help you find your answer.

During your pantry challenge, I promise you will find many items bought with good intentions for that special recipe that are now cluttering your shelf. When buying a one-time use item, check out the bulk section in your store, buying only what you need. Spend a little time to be organized. Being better prepared for shopping plus meal planning will ensure you are not wasting food or money.

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