Heloise: A scrubbed neck reduces collar ring

Dear Heloise: In a few days, I will have our kitten spayed. The doctor usually clips the ear to indicate that the kitten has been spayed. I do not want to mar her and would like to know if there is an indelible ink of some kind that I can mark on her paw for future identification. Rose Ann in Houston

Check with your veterinarian. The doctor might tattoo the animal on her belly, if you request, or the medical history of the animal can be recorded in a microchip.

Normally, doctors who work for rescue groups clip the ear of a feral cat when doing TNR (trap, neuter, return) to control the stray cat population. Heloise

Dear Heloise: My husband used to have a problem with “ring around the collar.” I got tired of scrubbing his shirt collars and using lots of expensive pretreaters. (Heloise here: Cheap hair shampoo works to release this type of stain.)

I’ve come to realize that asking him to scrub his neck in the shower has gone a long way toward ending this problem. So simple! Georgia in Pennsylvania

Yes, so simple! Tackling laundry stains should be a family affair. Educating everybody on laundry stinks and stains can save time and money.

Here are some items to stash in the laundry room to make washday even easier:

▪ A plastic mesh scrubber to clean the lint trap.

▪ A laundry marker to label clothes.

▪ Baking soda. Throw in a cupful to boost cleaning power and to freshen a load. (You can test the freshness of baking soda: If it fizzes when hit with vinegar, it’s still good to go!) Heloise

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