‘It’s a fun attitude.’ Kroger hopes its new line will change your shopping habits.

The Dip clothing line from Kroger promses to be stylish and simple, with pieces that accent your own wardrobe and update seasonally.
The Dip clothing line from Kroger promses to be stylish and simple, with pieces that accent your own wardrobe and update seasonally.

Next time you find yourself between the pharmacy and the dairy section in your local Kroger Marketplace, you may wonder if you’ve somehow slipped into Gap or Old Navy.

The Cincinnati-based grocery retailer announced Monday that its new clothing line, Dip, will roll out across the country this week to 300 Marketplace and Fred Meyer stores. The line is simple, stylish and, maybe best of all, cheap: 80 percent of the items are priced below $19, according to Kroger.

“Dip creates a new experience for our customers, focusing on a thoughtfully designed and curated collection that is simple, stylish and affordable,” said Erin Grant, Kroger spokesperson, in a news release. “We were intentional about creating a brand that’s unique and resonates with our shoppers — and we believe we’ve done just that.”

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Kroger is rolling out the Dip fashion line at 300 Marketplace and Fred Meyer stores across the country this fall. Dip will replace most of the private-label clothing Kroger had on offer. KTV 2014

The Dip line was created for Kroger by Joe Mimran, founder of brands Club Monaco, Joe Fresh, Pink Tartan, Caban and Alfred Sung.

“No detail in the fit and finish of Dip has been overlooked,” said Mimran, creative director, in the release. “Dip is reflective of customers’ true needs and built around a foundation of key modern pieces. It’s fresh. It feels fantastic in your hand. It’s a fun attitude. It’s all those things. These are clothes for really living life in and looking good while doing it.”

The Dip collection includes clothing for men, women, young men, juniors, kids, toddlers and babies.

Dip will replace more than a dozen of the company’s private-label clothing brands. According to the announcement, the new line will be so inexpensive customers won’t have to wait for coupons or sales, implying there won’t be any.

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Most of the Dip clothing line will be priced at $19 or less, Kroger said. The line includes men’s, women’s, juniors and children’s clothes. KTV 2014

Kroger wanted to launch its own clothing line because “we know customers want to quickly pop in and out of the apparel department, not spend hours browsing. ... Imagine grabbing a few groceries and then being able to dip over to the next aisle and find your new favorite top or pants,” the company statement said.

In reality, Kroger has gradually brought many products, from alcoholic spirits to ice cream, flowers and now clothing, in house, even if customers don’t always realize what they are buying are store brands. Why? Because they are more profitable.

The rollout comes as Kroger needs a bounce. Last week, share prices tumbled about 10 percent after the grocery giant reported a slightly weaker than expected quarter.

Kroger has focused on building an online ordering platform for groceries, ClickList, and a home delivery service. But even though Kroger lets you see the Dip brand on its website, you apparently can’t order clothes through the site.