What women want — and what they don't

Fellas, we know coming off the holidays that you're tired and you're poor — but we women still expect a little something on Valentine's Day.

It needs to be special, to show you picked it out with our feelings and likes in mind. If you succeed, you win our hearts. If it fails, you risk us thinking you don't care.

Try this advice:


Chocolate: Great, something we'll eat and regret. That said, there are those among us who will always go ga-ga for Godiva. Best advice? Try a test run to see if she bites with a couple of pieces of chocolate before the big day. Still sure chocolate is the way go to? Then definitely pair it with any of the gift suggestions below.

Stuffed animals: These are cute for children but are mere dust collectors for most women.

Balloons: Really?


Hand-written love letter: Not a text. Not an e-mail. An actual piece of paper with words we'll (ideally) cherish forever.

Elegant dinner: This is a no-brainer. If fine dining isn't in your budget, prepare a candlelit meal at home with tablecloth, wine and dessert.

Anything in the Little Blue Box: If you don't know of which box we speak, ask someone.

Monograms: One initial shows you had us in mind. Three initials means you planned ahead.

Cashmere: From a sweater to a scarf to a throw, 'tis one of life's sweetest luxuries.

Cupcakes: Especially if they're prettily decorated and a bit whimsical. Just make sure to know our preferred flavor and ask the bakery for an attractive box.

Flowers: Roses aren't a must; find out what blooms we like instead. Best bet? If you buy flowers at the grocery store, have them rewrapped in attractive tissue. Better bet? Call a florist and schedule a delivery.

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