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Hey, cupcake

Cousins April Nelson and Candace Henry drove from Northern Kentucky to Lexington to enter Lexington Christian Academy's Cupcake Bake-Off after they heard about it from a friend.

And their entry wasn't just a plain old cupcake. The women decorated 12 cupcakes with quilt patterns that were identical to one of their grandmother's quilts. They placed the cupcakes on a toy bed frame and entered it into the Aug. 30 competition.

The bake-off was one of the activities at LCA's 2008-09 school kickoff. The 28 entries ranged from cupcakes decorated to look like corn on the cob to a simple buttermilk cupcake covered with pink icing.

Nelson and Henry entered the competition to pay tribute to their grandmother Mary Henry of Williamstown. They are helping care for Mary Henry, who is ill.

"It was grandma who got us started" baking, Nelson said.

A photograph of their grandmother's quilt that they used as a template for their cupcake design stood next to their cupcake bed. They won third place in the competition.

Marsha Koller of Lexington won second place for pioneer peanut butter "cup" cakes. She used her mother Patti Bellomy's recipe and poured the mixture into Bybee pottery cups to bake.

Koller attached a note to the handle of each cup that read: "Pioneers were unable to bake large cakes in their open hearths, so they would bake small cakes in earthenware coffee cups nestled in the fire's coals — thus 'cup' cakes."

First-place winner Sue Whitehead of Lexington made a few changes to a recipe that she found in a women's magazine to come up with her recipe for corn on the cob cupcakes, complete with corn holders.

There were no age categories for the competition, and several entries were made by students, including Lexi Rohrer, 11, of Lexington.

She said she likes "to experiment with cupcakes," and she credits her dad, Alex, for her love of cooking.

"She's always wanted to cook," Alex Rohrer said. "We all cook with reckless abandonment, good or bad."

After judging, the cupcakes were sold, and proceeds went to God's Pantry.