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Web sites to dig into

The amount of recipes and food information available on the Internet amazes me. You can buy any ingredient and connect with other foodies as you shop online. I'm always scouring the Web for new food sites. Here are some finds to visit this summer. Part blog, part recipe collection and part food newspaper if you will; I just like it. You can look for restaurant recommendations, watch cooking videos and generally entertain yourself for hours. Chow offers information on a wide variety of topics, from becoming more green to mastering the mojito. It's all good. This is a newsletter that comes to me regularly by e-mail. There are wonderful simple regional Italian recipes as well as mail-order Italian products. I especially like that the recipes are very authentic. This is a good all around vegetarian site that offers recipes and the potential to build your own vegetarian community. There's a bunch of information for vegans as well. You can connect with others and share recipes. This site sells ingredients from around the globe. Shop by country or ingredient. It even helps you set up an ethnic pantry featuring the flavors of more than a dozen countries. Anything and everything about food including quotes, history, lore and trivia. There also are recipes, information on where to buy products, when food festivals occur and what's in season. Bills itself as the Web's largest food encyclopedia. I like the site as a reference, but it also contains recipes and food-related facts. Want to know when Pretzel Day is or what Julia Child's favorite dish was? Find out here. This is the site that many well-educated chefs create a desktop shortcut to reach because it is one of the most comprehensive recipe collections on the Web. Eat from around the world with this site, which indexes ethnic recipes from countries you probably don't even know exist. It also categorizes recipes by kind of dish. There are fun recipes for cat and dog treats, and as special-needs recipes such as gluten-free, vegetarian and even baby food. I'm a sucker for good Asian recipes. Especially ones from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and more obscure places. I've tried several of the recipes from this site, and they work well. They are also simple. This is a no-frills site with great content, if you like Asian food. This site is a clearinghouse for many vegetarian sites, and from this platform you can jump to a bunch of veggie sites. I'm really enjoying this site, which is part social networking (think of it as a food Facebook) and part recipe collection with an ingredient source page. Full of good home recipes. If you find one you like, you can connect with the author. You can comment on the recipes and rate them as well. Great food photos too.