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Tidbits: Here's the rest of the story about pimento cheese recipe

Sharon Thompson
Sharon Thompson

Earlier this month we ran a recipe for pimento cheese that was served at the old-time soda fountain at McAdams & Morford Drugs. The story brought back fond memories for Robyn Fisher Bourgois of Lexington.

"When I was a child growing up in Lexington in the1950s, my parents had a small business that they ran out of our home," she said. "For many years, my Mom made 200 to 300 sandwiches every weekday morning, wrapped them in cellophane and put them in cardboard boxes. My father would deliver them to one of the dormitories at the University of Kentucky where they were sold to students, and to McAdams & Morford's Drug Store.

"I remember her making egg salad, something called "special" (a mixture of green pepper, finely chopped bacon, spices and mayonnaise), and pimento cheese, among others."

At that time, McAdams & Morford didn't have a kitchen facility, she said, which is why her parents had this business out of their home.

"At some point in time, McAdams & Morford was remodeled, and a small kitchen was added. My mother sold the recipes to McAdams, so it is very possible that the recipe is the one that she used when she started making sandwiches back in the '50s."

Her mother also made a sandwich she called "pimento cream" because a block of Philadelphia cream cheese was added to the mix, she said. She doesn't have her mother's recipe, but it's similar to the one that was printed, said Bourgois, who uses sharp Cheddar cheese and not American. The recipe is at

Artisan samplings

Williams-Sonoma at Fayette Mall, 3473 Nicholasville Road, will host an Artisan's Market on Saturday. Local food companies will offer samples of their products from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Included are Bourbon Barrel Foods, Caffe Marco, Elmwood Stock Farm and The Marshmallow Company. Call (859) 272-5856.

Caught and cleaned

Yu Yu Asian Market, 393 Waller Avenue, is selling fresh whole tilapia raised at the Alltech Aquaculture Center in Nicholasville. You may choose the fillet, and the staff will clean it for you. The cost is $4.99 a pound. Call (859) 275-1288.

Put your pie to the test

Wednesday is the deadline for entries for The Great American Pie Contest that kicks off Lexington's Fourth of July Festival.

The pie contest and ice cream social will be at noon July 2 in the Fifth Third Bank Pavilion at Cheapside Park. Bakers may enter pies in two categories: made from scratch and semi-homemade. A prize also will be awarded for the prettiest pie. The entry form may be found at

Going back in time

Liberty Hall Historic Site in Frankfort will hold its annual Early Kentucky Home Life seminar June 28. The event will showcase the cultivation and preparation of food in early 19th-century in Kentucky. Tom Beall, owner of First Vineyard/J.J. Dufour Winery in Nicholasville, will discuss wine production in early Kentucky. Emily Burns, author and historical re- enactor, will present a cooking demonstration in Liberty Hall's 1796 kitchen. Cost is $45. Call (502) 227-2560 or go to

100 calories per pack

If you're hungry for a low-calorie treat, try Nonni's THINaddictives. They're almond thins made with antioxidant-rich ingredients such as fruits and nuts. A box of six 100-calories packs is $3.29. Flavors are cranberry, pistachio and cinnamon raisin.

Now that's homemade

The National Wildlife Federation is encouraging families to participate in the ninth annual Great American Backyard Campout on Saturday. As part of NWF's Be Out There campaign, the group gives practical tools and information for planning fun outdoor activities at or

Here are some recipes to try at your campout.

■ Pigs in a sleeping blanket: Take an 11-ounce can of breadstick dough, slice each dough strip in half and wrap each strip around a hot dog, leaving a small area uncovered for the face. Roast over the fire until the hot dog and bread are cooked, let cool, then use ketchup and mustard to make fun faces.

■ Silver turtles: Place a hamburger patty in a piece of aluminum foil and top it with potatoes, carrots, onion, salt, pepper and a pat of butter. Fold the foil tightly around the turtle and cook over the coals for 20 minutes or until cooked thoroughly, then let cool. For a side dish, try wrapping corn on the cob or whole potatoes in foil and grilling them. Remember to let them cool then add your favorite toppings.

■ Dipped strawberries: Dip strawberries in marshmallow fluff and roast over the fire.

■ Orange-chocolate cake: Hollow out oranges, fill about halfway with chocolate cake mix, wrap in foil and heat in the hot coals for about 20 minutes.

■ Singing apples: Place an apple on a cooking stick and roast over hot coals until the peel starts to split and "sing." Carefully remove the peel and roll apple in cinnamon-sugar.