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Come see me Saturday at the fair

People often ask me how I find great deals. Honestly, I just try to keep my eyes open.

And I am not a believer in making a shopping list because I never know what is going to be marked down or on clearance. But I always carry my handy coupon holder when I go shopping. I find that sometimes looking on the shelves I might find products with peelies (stuck-on coupons) that maybe I don't want to use right away, but I take a couple and save them for when the product goes on sale.

Gas stations are great for coupons. Remember you can double the coupons up to 50 cents at Kroger and Meijer.

If you want to learn some of these simple but huge savings tips, come to the Fru-Gal Fair from 11a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at the Herald-Leader, 100 Midland Avenue. Bring your coupons to share, and we'll have some to share with you.

And remember, all of these free items are available while supplies last.


■ Free sample of Christina Aguilera Inspire perfume.

■ Free "Take the Test, Not the Risk" bracelet from the Take the Test campaign to encourage women to be checked for cervical cancer.

■ Free sample of MK Signature Ultimate Mascara.

■ Free sample of o.b. tampons.

■ Free beinggirl sample kit. Included are two regular Tampax Pearl tampons, one Tampax Pearl Lite tampon, one Always Infinity feminine pad, two Always pantiliners, and one Always feminine wipe.

■ Free sample of Dove Cream Oil Body Lotion.

■ Free mini Diorshow Iconic cosmetic sample.

■ Join the Start! movement and receive a free Start! lapel pin, monthly e-newsletters and more from the American Heart Association.

■ Free "challenge kit" from Rally with Sally for bone health, featuring actress Sally Fields. Includes information to help you track bone health progress.

■ Free Purell Hand Sanitizer with Aloe.

■ Free publications from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

■ Free "Guide to Weight Loss Success" booklet from Slim-Fast.

■ Free downloadable gift cards from Baker's Joy.

■ Free assessment kit from CuDerm.

■ Free blood sample testing kit from the makers of Unistik.

■ Free golf club grips from Lamkin.

■ Free sample of Stetson Rich Swede Cologne.

■ Free sample of Hugo Boss fragrance.

■ Free ice/hot pack.

■ Free guitar strings from LaBella Music Strings.

■ Free two-day sample of Hyland's Leg Cramps with Quinine.

■ Free ice tray from Red Square Vodka.

Animal freebies — even for horses

■ Free sample of Purina One pet food.

■ Free sample of Horse Quencher, a "horsey cocktail" for a horse's hydration

■ Join the Purina Snack Lovers' Club and share opinions, download coupons, and more.

■ Free sample of Cesar paté dog food.

■ Coupon (worth up to $6.99) for a free 13.2-pound bag of Purina Yesterday's News brand Moisture Locking Paper Pellets.