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Get ready for baby with info about childbirth, infant care

When becoming a parent, as with most life-changing events, the more planning and preparation, the easier the transition.

For the first-time mom-to-be, pregnancy means tackling lots of details and making many decisions while dealing with hormonal changes. Your brain might be swirling with questions, such as "How will I know if I'm really in labor?" "What happens if my baby has colic?" "How do I choose a pediatrician?" or "Who will be in the delivery room with me?" Even if this is your second or sixth child, you have questions, because each pregnancy is as unique as each baby.

Childbirth and parenting classes offered by the hospital where you plan to give birth can offer answers to many of those questions. Central Baptist Hospital offers a wide variety of such classes — many of them free — where you can get an overview of having a baby; learn specifics about breathing and relaxation methods during labor and delivery; and find out the basics of infant care. There are classes in prenatal exercise, pediatric CPR, preparing youngsters for becoming a big brother or sister, and feeding your child from infancy to toddlerhood.

Central Baptist Hospital's Expecting Great Things maternity event also is designed to help you get answers about giving birth and caring for your baby.

Set for April 28 at Keene land Entertainment Center, this free event will give you and your significant other a chance to meet and ask questions of obstetricians and pediatricians, learn about car-seat safety, get information about breast-feeding, see some of the latest products available for your little one, and more.

From 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., guest speaker Amy Wilson — Mommy blogger and author of When Did I Get Like This? — is sure to convince you that the most essential tool for a parent is a great sense of humor. You might even win the grand prize: a dream nursery from Baby's Room & Kids Too.

To secure your spot at the event, go to or call (859) 260-6174.