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Medical board revokes Lexington doctor's license

A Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure panel has revoked the license of Lexington physician William W. Willis, according to an order that the board released Wednesday.

The order, filed Oct. 1, said Willis, whose license had been restricted since August because of problems with his prescribing practices, failed to show up for evaluations to determine whether he was impaired.

The revocation order said that in March 2011, the board opened an investigation into Willis' practices after it received information from Pike Commonwealth's Attorney Rick Bartley. Bartley said Willis was inappropriately prescribing controlled substances to a patient who had been charged with a third offense of driving under the influence of substances, the order said.

Willis is an osteopath whose specialty is family medicine. The order said Willis' address was in Lexington, but he had previously had a pain-management practice in Pikeville.

A board consultant said Willis had a pattern of prescribing controlled substances to patients who had exhibited fraudulent behavior, according to the revocation order .

The order said Willis had demonstrated "gross negligence" with regard to a prescription of an escalating dose of pain medication to an elderly patient.

In August, Willis and the panel entered into an agreed order that restricted his license and his prescribing practices indefinitely.

On Aug.14, the panel issued an order for Willis to submit to neuropsychology , physical and impairment evaluations.

The Oct. 1 revocation order said Willis failed to appear for the examinations.

Willis told board officials he did not realize that specific dates had been been scheduled for the appointments.

Willis can appeal the order. He could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

The revocation order said panel members will not consider a petition for reinstatement of Willis' license until he has submitted to the testing and paid a $1,000 fine.

Leanne K. Diakov, the board's Assistant General Counsel, declined to comment Wednesday.