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Wellness programs can make it easier to keep resolutions

It's that time of the year again when we all make resolutions to change our habits and improve ourselves and our lives.

Every year many resolutions are made and broken. One important aspect of achieving a resolution is related not only to the individual's willpower but to the support that individual has to achieve the goal.

As a physician, I frequently counsel patients to be involved in a routine exercise program and to adhere to a healthy diet. There are numerous health benefits to a routine conditioning program that benefit us throughout our lives and even prevent injury in our later years. This is easy to say but much harder to achieve.

There are many out there who have daily knee pain and have been to their doctors only to be told they have mild arthritis and need to lose weight and exercise more. I struggle as a physician treating these patients because I can do little more than counsel and encourage these lifestyle changes.

For those seeking support in their resolution to change their activity level and diet, there is a resource called Joints in Motion. This program creates an individualized plan to help you move more, eat healthier and make positive choices that will lead to better health.

It is a 12-week program offered in partnership with Central Baptist HealthwoRx Fitness & Wellness Center and is staffed by certified personal trainers, a registered dietitian and nurse health educators. These professionals create a custom plan for the individual based on where they are currently, and what they need.

Those enrolled are asked to commit to a minimum of three days a week of activity and meet with the dietitian on a regular basis to assess and modify the dietary plan to meet goals. There also are aquatic therapy classes offered off-site. The Joints in Motion participants meet with a fitness practitioner once a week to assess their progress and modify the workout program according to the participant's needs.

Physicians may refer a patient to Joints in Motion or patients may make a self referral by calling HealthwoRx at (859) 260-6683.