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Former London cardiologist agrees to forfeit medical license

A former Saint Joseph London cardiologist agreed this week to forfeit his medical license for five years after pleading guilty to federal health care fraud in June, according to a Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure document.

Sandesh Rajaram Patil, 51, was accused of submitting a claim for an unneeded heart stent procedure, according to federal court documents. Patil admitted in U.S. District Court in June to lying about the severity of a patient's condition to receive payment for a heart procedure.

Under the agreed order, if he petitions for reinstatement of his license after five years, he has to prove that he is fit to practice medicine without endangering patients.

Patil had reached an agreement with the U.S. attorney to serve 30 to 37 months in prison, but the agreement has to be approved by a judge.

St. Joseph London officials said in June that Patil was not an employed physician, has not had privileges at the London hospital since December 2010 and has not practiced there since.

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