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P. Allen Smith gets more out of a garden

From his own television program, P. Allen Smith Garden Home, and appearances on the Today show to the many publications in which he has shared a love of gardening, P. Allen Smith is widely recognized for both a green thumb and a skilled hand at weaving together home and garden in new and delightful ways.

If you never read a word of the text in his new book, the color photos alone will leave you wanting more from your garden. The seasonal projects are plentiful: Spring suggests salad sprouts and armfuls of daffodils; in ­summer, try tying up a clever hyacinth bean vine trellis or lighting the night with a twilight planter; autumn means apple-tasting and gourd garlands; and winter is an opportunity for a wildlife garden party.

The book has more than 50 projects, and many of them are child-friendly. Smith’s easygoing, first-person narrative style creates the down-home mood of an annual journal, yet the ­instructions are clear, ­detailed and well organized.

He writes, “I grow plants for food and for pleasure. One nourishes my body, the other my soul. I need both to feel complete.” This book is about bringing those two reasons together, thoughtfully and with grace.