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Bird seed sale benefits our feathered friends, local bird advocates

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If you want birds to flock to your yard throughout the year, one of the surest ways to make it happen is to provide seed.

And this Saturday and the next one are the perfect times to stock up on seeds and other bird supplies at the semi-annual Audubon Society of Kentucky bird seed sale.

Adding seed to your yard is not only a treat for the wildlife, "It's a good way to watch birds," said Joe Swanson, treasurer of the Audubon Society of Kentucky. Frequent visitors to feeders this time of year include bright red Northern cardinals and lively chickadees.

The non-profit group, which exists to familiarize the public with wild birds and the need to preserve their habitats, hosts sales in January and October as fund-raisers.

Members help keep track of local populations with an annual bird count in December in Fayette and Jessamine counties. And they support local environmental groups including the Kentucky Conservation Committee, Kentucky Nature Preserves, The Nature Conservancy, Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary and Floracliff Nature Sanctuary.

Swanson says you'll find a variety of seeds at the sale. "Black oil sunflower is one of the biggest, more useful seeds; most birds eat that," he said.

Other selections will include suet cakes, mixed seeds, white millet, safflower and thistle. "And corn," said Swanson. "Blackbirds eat that and doves eat it."

Credit cards are not accepted at the Audubon Society of Kentucky seed sale, just cash and checks made out to ASK.

You'll find a list of available seeds and prices and a roundup of local birding hot spots and more at Audubonsocietyofky.org.

Additionally, Southern States will offer a 10 percent discount on bird feeders, suet cakes and selection of packaged bird seed.