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Enjoy these 57 warm thoughts for the 57 days until spring

LuLu Davis, Stanley D. Petter Jr., center, and Tom Randolph enjoyed the sunshine on the opening day of Keeneland's spring meet last April.
LuLu Davis, Stanley D. Petter Jr., center, and Tom Randolph enjoyed the sunshine on the opening day of Keeneland's spring meet last April. HERALD-LEADER

Think positively: Spring is only 57 days away. That’s 82,080 minutes. To keep rising temperatures in yours sights, here are 57 warm things to think about on these cold, snowy winter days.

1. The Keeneland Spring Meet starts April 4 (only 72 days away).

2. A riot of yellow forsythia blooms.

3. Sun dresses.

4. The first day a light jacket is too warm.

5. The joy of the first day you can wear shorts.

6. Midriff-bearing crop tops will be the hot trend of spring, Elle.com says.

7. Flip-flops.

8. Short skirts.

9. Wearing only a T-shirt.

10. The warmth of sun on your face.

11. A bead of sweat trickling down your back.

12. Warm garden dirt on your hands.

13. Seed catalogs are out. Plan your garden.

14. Summer bulbs are in the ground now — and they’re happy.

15. The very first brave little crocus, followed by waves of daffodils and tulips.

16. Pantone’s color of the year is “radiant orchid,” a fuschia-like tone that’s the shade of a steamy, hothouse flower.

17. The days really are getting longer. By the end of January, sunset is 6 p.m.

18. Summer block parties.

19. Thursday Night Live starts April 3.

20. Easter Sunday, April 20 this year, is sure to be warm, right?

21. Spring in Kentucky is gorgeous.

22. Hark back to spring breaks of old, which will make you remember spring isn’t always the best time of the year.

23. Leaving the windows open all night.

24. Lexington’s best holiday celebration: the Fourth of July.

25. A reggae band playing on Atomic Cafe’s patio.

26. Crickets.

27. Lightning bugs.

28. The electric bzzzzt of bug zappers.

29. The sound of marching bands.

30. Blue Grass Airport offers non-stop flights to Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Punta Gorda/Fort Myers, Fla.

31. The feel of sand on your toes.

32. File your income taxes. Most Kentuckians get a refund, according to the IRS. Use yours to plan a tropical trip.

33. Cape Town, South Africa, is The New York Times’ No. 1 travel destination for 2014. Wednesday’s forecast: 85 degrees.

34. Kids playing in a sprinkler.

35. Kids playing their first year of T-ball.

36. The sound of a lawn mower.

37. The smell of freshly mowed grass.

38. The smell of cocoa butter.

39. The smell of charcoal on the grill.

40. Derby Day is May 3.

41. Fresh tomatoes.

42. Fresh corn, with butter.

43. Fresh cucumbers.

44. Farmers market peaches.

45. Grilled burgers.

46. Graeter’s ice cream melting in a sugar cone.

47. Winter is citrus-fruit season. Eat an orange.

48. City pools on broiling days.

49. Singeing your feet on a sidewalk.

50. The sting of a lightly sunburned neck.

51. Freckles.

52. The Beaumont Centre Family YMCA has a balmy, warm-water pool that has open swim time several times a day.

53. The saying that if you don’t like Kentucky’s weather, wait five minutes.

54. The all-time high in Lexington was 108 degrees on July 10 and 15, 1936.

55. The record high temperature in Lexington on Jan. 22 was 73 in 1999.

56. Many Lexington fitness centers have saunas, which are generally 150 to 194 degrees.

57. Driving with all the car windows down.

58. It’s 150 days till summer.