Deb Morris: Fru-Gal

Fru-Gal Column 12-31

Let’s start out the New Year seriously looking how we spend our money. You would be surprised how many people do not know where their money goes. Start your budget. If you have more money going out than coming in it is time to make a change. While you may not be able to cut back immediately on house or car payments or other expenses, you can begin with reducing your weekly grocery bill. Take time on Sunday to look at all the store flyers and coupons in the Sunday paper. It is a double bonus to use a coupon on a sale item. Have a small notebook to write down the sale item at designated stores along with putting aside the coupons associated with the stores sales. Plan your meals around the sales. Be flexible if chicken is on sale do not plan on having hamburger. Always go to the manager’s special section in the meat department. This meat needs to be sold and is sometimes reduced more than 50%. Buy the meat and freeze it. This mentality of stocking up on food is only good if you check your refrigerator, pantry and cabinets often to see what is there. Use the mindset about meal planning from “What would we like to eat today? to “What do we have on hand to eat today?”.  I always tell people that giving up little things do add up. Instead of buying a coffee everyday do it two times a week that can give you a savings up to $5.00 a week. One big way to save is bringing your lunch to work. Make going out a special day once a week with fellow employees instead take a walk for lunch.


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On New Year’s Day, Whole Foods Market located at 161 Lexington Green Circle will try to make easing into the new year by giving everyone a free cup of  Allegro 365 Organic fresh-brewed cup of coffee all day long.


Now is the time to get big discounts on Holiday merchandise. Go out to get your wrapping paper, holiday cards and decorations. Keep your mind open to be creative with your gifts. Look for paper that doesn’t scream Christmas that can be used for other holidays. If someone is having a baby or getting married look for special ornaments. Remember the animals. I wouldn’t pay $20.00 for a dog sweater but I would pay $5.00 for one.


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