Deb Morris: Fru-Gal

Fru-Gal Update January 20

I don’t know if the economy is coming getting better but people seem to be straying from their frugal ways. It is important that we learn from our past mistakes. When I see people not looking at prices or not thinking through purchases it tells me that we didn’t learn anything from the past year. Using coupons for groceries is one way to continue saving but that is only a start. Let’s look at your monthly expenses to see where we can save some money. Don’t be afraid to ask for any discounts or to see if you have the best plan for your needs. Companies want to keep your business let them step up to make sure they do.  It is your hard earned money stand up for it.

Go to BillShrink, a free online tool that helps users lower month expenses such as cel l phones plan, credit cards and even gas. The website asks a few questions about spending, and then sends users a list of recommended services and vendors.

Credit Cards- Go to your bank and see if you have the best credit card for your use. I personally pay my credit card off each month so using one that give me money back or rewards is good for me. It also helps me follow my purchases each month.

Car Insurance- If your household includes a driver under the age of 25 there maybe programs to help reduce your insurance bills. State Farm Steer Clear Safe Driver program helps teach road-worthy habits and promote a healthy attitude toward driving while giving a substantial discount when your child finishes the program. Having your child take a driver’s education program also can give you discounts. Ask you insurance agents how you can lower you bill. They should be happy to make many suggestions just like making sure you have fire safety equipment which will also lower your bill.

Cell Phone Bill- Slash cell phone bills in minutes on, which examines phone usage and then recommends the most cost-efficient plan.

Medical Bills- Nine out of 10 health care bills contain errors. Next time you receive a statement, go to The free site gets money back for about 85% of customers by negotiating on the patient’s behalf. Always request an itemized statement from your provider to scan for redundant charges. If there are any unidentified or miscellaneous amounts, ask for the complete details. Make sure all of the procedures listed were actually done. If a price seems particularly high, research the average cost. Start at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid site. If you have been overcharged you may be able to bring the price down.

To see if your medical and dental expenditures qualify you for a tax deduction, track your expenses. When you reach 7.5% of your adjusted gross income, the site automatically sends you a report to help you fill out your taxes.

To promote wellness, some insurers offer incentives for staying active, such as rebates at health clubs. United Healthcare offers a 5 to 50 percent discount on monthly fitness club fees for the family. Check to see if your insurance company has a similar program.

Military discounts- Families of active service people can visit Sesame Place or any SeaWorld or Busch Garden for FREE. Starting Monday, January 17 One Source Tax Services - will provide free access to a customized version of the basic H&R Block at Home electronic tax filing product for the military.

Teacher discounts- Many retailers extend their student savings to teachers. You could get 15 percent off clothes from J. Crew, up to 20 percent off mobile plans from Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, and discounts at Dell and Apple.

Tax preparation discounts- Get free tax preparation from Turbo Tax. You will be able to print and file your simple federal tax return for FREE. You also can find the closest participating H&R Block office that will file your Federal 1040EZ for FREE.;jsessionid=ycsnftd3cLxCtgsxEZFqhQ**.g20-1?priorityCode=3468341816&cid=all_cjtto-4078537_int_3468341816&_requestid=72209|CAMP020GS-G-Tax%20Filing%20Free|ADGP013GS-G-Free%20Tax|KWRD008ADGROUP3


Receive a free window sticker reminding you to bring your reusable bags into the store

Order a free brochure to help kids get healthy packed with kid-friendly vegetarian recipes. or call 1-877-685-5437

Get sweet tips from Martha Stewart. Text TRU1 to MARTHA (627842) and receive a voice message from Martha Stewart.

Text DINNER to MARTHA to receive daily dinner suggestions from

Make Valentine’s with your children and Ronald McDonald at Joseph Beth Bookstore on Saturday, February 5 from 10am to noon.  Your child’s Valentine will be brought over to patients and loved ones at The Ronald McDonald Family Room located in the University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital. If you have any questions just call Kelly at (859) 368-8437.

Send you’re pre-addressed, stamped Valentine Card in a larger envelope to Loveland, Colorado where they will hand stamp an original holiday design from Loveland. Letters come from all over the world to receive the special postmark.                        

Get 24 Valentine’s photo card for free from SeeHere (a division of Fujifilm) just pays $2.49 for shipping. All you do is add 24 4x8 photo cards to your cart and enter promotional code 25cards at checkout.

This week is National Dipped Fruit Week. Give someone special a box of chocolate dipped fruit for only $10 (usually $25) when you pick-up at Edible Arrangement store.         

Get your free pocket-size Passport to Good Health booklet that will help you keep tabs on important medical info.                                                                                           

Students can sign up for Amazon Prime shipping benefits free for one year. This entitles them to unlimited free two-day shipping on textbooks and millions of other items. No minimum order size.

Try Amazon Video on Demand and first time users will receive a $5 credit for free.

Stay any weekend up to April 30, 2011 at any Priority Club Hotel and pay with your Visa card and they will reimburse you your checked airline bags fee (up to $100).

Men’s Health is offering 5 free Work Out to Go downloads. They can be downloaded to your iPod/iPhone or you can watch on your computer.   

E-mail or call 1-888-VOTE-SMART to receive a FREE copy of the new 2010 U.S. Government Owner’s Manual. This manual provides a reliable, nonpartisan guide to your government and is just one of the ways you can access the Voter’s Self-Defense System, working to give you the facts on 40,000 candidates and elected officials from local officials to the Presidency

Request a free issue of Travel 50 & Beyond magazine.                                 

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