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Fru-gal: Why having a good credit history matters

The Fru-Gal Deborah Morris
The Fru-Gal Deborah Morris

Now that April 15 has come and gone it is time to get your credit in order.

Doing your taxes helps you get a better understanding of what income you receive and what expenses you are paying. While it sounds pretty fundamental, it's important to know this information as you manage your personal finances.

Having a good credit history is so important when it comes to your money. Your credit score is used in many ways including getting a decent rate on homeowner's insurance, a car loan or even a new job.

For these reasons it is imperative to protect your score by doing all the things that positively affect it. How is your score determined? The most commonly used scoring system for credit scores is FICO, developed by Fair Isaac Corporation. Credit bureaus use this formula to evaluate how much risk you pose to potential lenders, based on the following factors:

■ 30 percent — What you owe: Your debt balance as well as the ratio of your debt to your credit limit.

■ 10 percent — New accounts: Opening many new accounts and spreading debt around can negatively affect your score.

■ 35 percent — Payment history: Do you pay your bills on time?

■ 15 percent — Types of credit: Which credit cards you use and loans you carry.

■ 10 percent — Length of credit history or how long you've had credit.

You are entitled to receive at least one free credit report every 12 months from each of the nation's three main credit bureaus. Start at or call 1-877-322-8228. If you find errors, contact the credit bureau directly.

Be cautious of other websites and services advertising "free" credit reports. This may be an attempt to sell you something else, or it could be a scam to collect personal information. If you'd rather just have an estimate of your score, you can get a free estimate at

Don't wait until you are applying for a loan to work on improving your credit score. Improve your score by building a good credit history. If you don't have any credit accounts, open one and use it wisely. Always pay monthly bills on time. Late payments will lower your score. Don't max out your credit cards. If your debt is more than 25 percent of your total credit limit, your credit score will begin to drop. Avoid opening new accounts to spread debt around. This will negatively affect your score.

Your credit history is a measure of how responsible a human being you are. Banks believe that credit scores, or past financial behavior, is a good indication of an individual's future financial behavior. Increasing your score by making smart financial choices throughout the year will help your bad credit.

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