Writing for Christian audience

Aspiring writers who hope to find an audience among Christian readers can learn how to reach them at the Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, June 20-21 in Elizabethtown.

Peggy Clark, author of The Power of the Lamb's Blood and a number of magazine articles, has attended the conference three times and found it offers the fledgling writer many opportunities.

”A lot of good teaching takes place, especially with the keynote speaker,“ said Clark, who lives in Lexington.

This year's featured speaker is Karen Moore Artl, senior acquisitions editor for Thomas Nelson Publishers. Artl has written books including When You Haven't Got a Prayer and Joyous Holiday Season and has a broad background in marketing.

The theme of the conference is ”Be Thou My Vision.“ Artl said in a news release, ”Wisdom and guidance are basic tools to Christian writers, and asking God to "be the vision' connects us to the gifts he has given us.“

Clark pointed to other ways the conference had benefited her. ”You can sign up for individual times (with editors and publishers to learn how) to pitch your work — your articles or a book,“ she said.

She also said networking with other writers provides opportunities ”to pick up tips and so forth.“

Clark, who also attended a national writers conference in Wheaton, Ill., won't be participating in this year's Kentucky event because she'll be vacationing at the Baltic Sea.

”I'm just getting so much information. Now I'm just trying to assimilate it. But it's (the Kentucky conference) a very valuable experience,“ she said.

Conference spokeswoman Betty Whitworth said the event drew 80 participants last year. ”It was a small affair, but in some ways that's helpful,“ she said, with more opportunity for time with publishers and editors.

Whitworth said the participants vary widely. ”Some who attend haven't written anything yet,“ she said.

”And if they have written something, it doesn't have to be religious. But it does have to be wholesome.“