Krystal Meyers

Make Some Noise | 3 stars out of 5

Listening to the first couple of dancey, chirpy tracks on Krystal Meyers' Make Some Noise, your eyes drift ahead to track four, S.O.S. "Is this really heading to an ABBA remake?" you think. But actually, the new tune, co-penned by Meyers and iconic Christian modern rock producer Ian Eskelin, is one of the big signs that Meyers' third album is a charm.

Give a lot of credit to the influence of collaborators such as Eskelin as well as producers Doubledutch (Josiah Bell and Robert Marvin) who bring 20-year-old Meyers out of her rocker girl persona into the dance hall with steady, deep beats. There are throwaways such as the title track that makes you think, "Didn't Superchick already record this song several times?" But there are also nice pieces of crafts-womanship such as S.O.S., a weepy lyric set to a much more anthemic score. Beautiful Tonight — there is a rash of recycled song titles on this disc — is another excellent piece of rock drama.

In mainstream and Christian pop, teen stars often have trouble growing up and bringing their audience along. But Make Some Noise shows Meyers maturing as an artist and creating music that can be embraced by a wider audience.