Local churches join new communion

David Brannen is thrilled at the forming of the new Anglican Communion in North America.

The rector of St. Andrews Anglican Church in Versailles said his church is part of a denomination that is forming the new communion.

St. Andrews was formed about three years ago and has about 250 members. It is under the authority of the Anglican Church of Uganda, which has split recently with other Anglican communions over homosexuality and other issues.

Brannen is a former priest in the Episcopal Church, the Anglican body in the United States with ties to the Church of England.

Other area churches affiliated with the new Anglican Communion in North America include the Apostles Anglican Church and St. Patrick's Anglican Church, both in Lexington, plus congregations in Louisville, Elizabethtown and Maysville, Brannen said.

On the issue of homosexuality, Brannen said conservatives believe God created sexuality to be expressed between a man and a woman in the context of marriage. "That context can be violated in either a heterosexual way, through adultery, or in a homosexual way," he said. "And both are wrong."