God's love is for everybody, not just lovers

It's a simple equation and the most basic of all logical problems: If God is eternal and God is love, then love is also eternal.

Love cannot be destroyed any more than you can destroy God. It transcends all conditions and all threats. It was in the universe before we arrived. It is woven into each molecule and spans the spaces between.

If we share an eternity with God, we share in love's permanent story. Every corpuscle and breath in our bodies is bathed in love. We are alive because of love's dependable embrace.

In other words, Valentine's Day is not just for lovers. It's for everybody.

We can celebrate the blushing love of infatuation, honor the rewarding love of committed couples and also acknowledge how love persists for those flying solo or can be renewed for those bruised and battered by love's loss through separation, divorce or death.

For Christians, our model of love's greatest example is a man whose status was classified as "single." For all friends and lovers, his standard of unconditional acceptance and service inspires a deeper and more fulfilling experience of love.

Love is the perfect antidote to knock off winter's chill. So let's not limit it or draw cultural boundaries around who it includes.

Love is from God, and it is for everybody.