Even the smallest gift for God's work has eternal value

If you are like me, many of your conversations lately focus on our economy.

This is often the current topic at my house, and at Lexington Leadership Foundation.

In particular, much of our talk at the ministry lately has focused on how to raise the needed support to sustain the Kingdom work we are doing around the city. Given our economy you can imagine that there are times that (especially around payroll time) that we eagerly open the mail.

One day recently, I opened two envelopes. The first envelope contained an expected $10,000 gift. I breathed a sigh of relief.

The second envelope contained an unexpected gift of that took my breath away. It was a check for $5.

The reason it was so significant is that it was from an inmate at the Blackburn Correctional Complex. It was simply marked "tithe."

I wondered whether it was from a father of one of the children in our Amachi program. This experience had a profound impact on me.

The lesson I am learning is that our economy is much different than His economy. Our economy uses man-made measurements. In His economy, every gift (large or small) of time, energy, and resources given to advance His Kingdom has eternal value.

He evaluates the gift based on biblical principles such as the intention of the heart, giving with joy, and giving sacrificially.

I am praying that His church will function in His economy.

Let's be givers.

Let's give of our hearts, our lives, our dollars, and our time in an effort to establish His Kingdom in our city.