Two faith-based movies being filmed in Central Kentucky

Summer Snow co-directors and siblings Jeremy and Kendra White are from Wilmore.
Summer Snow co-directors and siblings Jeremy and Kendra White are from Wilmore.

Andover Drive residents are experiencing a flurry of filmmaking this month with Summer Snow, a faith-based film being shot in and around Lexington through June 3.

The movie comes from many of the same people involved in October Baby, a faith-based film with an anti-abortion message that played in Lexington in March.

Summer Snow centers on the family of a woman who has died and left behind messages that help guide her survivors on their spiritual journeys.

Its stars include Rachel Eggleston, a busy child actress whose recent roles have included guest shots on House and Justified, and Brett Rice, whose credits include Sheriff Pruitt in last year's Super 8 and a high school football coach in Forrest Gump.

According to unit production manager Zach Meiners, the film is being shot entirely in Central Kentucky. A house on Andover Drive will be the primary location for the film, but Meiners said scenes will be shot at Georgetown Community Hospital; Asbury Seminary in Wilmore; a downtown Lexington parking garage; and Brookside Elementary School in Nicholasville, after Jessamine County Schools close May 25.

Summer Snow is being filmed in Lexington because sibling co-directors and screenwriters Jeremy and Kendra White are from Wilmore and wanted to film the movie here, Meiners said.

Next week, this will be one of two faith-based films shooting in Central Kentucky. On Monday, Asbury University professor Joshua Overbay will begin shooting As it is in Heaven, a micro-budget film about a cult leader who suffers a crisis of faith and struggles to keep his community together after his end-of-the-world prophecy does not come to pass. The movie will shoot through June 9.

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