Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau changing name to VisitLex

VisitLex's new logo
VisitLex's new logo Courtesy of VisitLex

The Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau will change its name to VisitLex and plans to have an updated logo next year.

The new logo, designed by branding firm BLDG of Covington, includes the word "VisitLex" in a style reminiscent of the brass name plates used on horse halters, and painter Edward Troye's portrait of the horse Lexington but converted to blue and trademarked by the bureau.

"These elements represent pride, value of tradition, and our rich culture. Blue is a powerful color and expression for Kentucky and Lexington, and continues to give our brand instant recognition," said Jim Browder, the president of the convention and visitors bureau.

Chris Ritter, a partner at BLDG said: "The project carefully evolved the equity of the existing brand as we created a full identity package for VisitLex that capitalizes on the unique experience it offers visitors. The new identity gives VisitLEX an eclectic personality with refined, modern appeal and gives the brand vision for the future."

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