Chevy Chaser magazine, other Smiley Pete publications, get new look

The cover of the current Chevy Chaser in its new glossy format.
The cover of the current Chevy Chaser in its new glossy format.

Beginning with the October issue — which coincides with the publication’s 19th anniversary — the monthly Chevy Chaser magazine is being printed on magazine quality paper.

Chuck Creacy, the owner/publisher of Smiley Pete Publishing, the Lexington umbrella organization that includes Chevy Chaser, Southsider, Business Lexington and the website, said that the magazines, “have always been in that limbo between magazine and newsprint.”

So, for a bit more money — Creacy would not specify how much — Smiley Pete decided to go ahead and make the switch to higher-end paper for both covers and pages. The ink doesn’t wear off on fingers and the quality paper makes photos pop, Creacy said.

The Chevy Chaser cover also got a coating that enhances its glossiness, Creacy said.

The other two publications got printing upgrades as well, Creacy said, but not as dramatic as the one given the Chevy Chaser.

“The idea was to make it a little more ‘coffee table,’” Creacy said of the Chevy Chaser.

Since the first issue in October, 1997, the Chevy Chaser evolved from being a taller tabloid to a more squarish tabloid. The way the publication is now being labeled and mailed, via a different postal process, will also give it more and different advertising options for its clients, Creacy said.

“This is just another part of the evolution, going into a glossy format,” Creacy said.

The new look appeals to advertisers, Creacy said.

The printing is now done in Lebanon Junction, a town in Bullitt County.

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